The Art of Mindfully Choosing Self-Care (1-2 Day Workshop)

Why Self-Care?

Increasing demands on educators, administrators and support staff has had a profound impact on their outlook and work performance. Self-aware, relaxed, content teachers, administrators and support staff can relate to students, parents, and members of the community in more meaningful genuine ways. Educators and administrators practicing self-care, self-awareness, balance, creativity and lifelong learning as a way of being in the world bring inspiration to their students and staff, and ultimately feel inspired though this process.

To date, research in social and emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness has predominantly been focused on teacher training in an effort to implement SEL curriculum into the classroom. SEL programs focus on attitude and behavioral changes and the skills necessary to foster healthy relationships with self and others. Mindfulness is a practice drawing from one’s inner resources for expressing compassion, connection and empathy towards self and other and cultivating an awareness of body-mind, and
personal exploration of one’s inscape of consciousness. Together, SEL and Mindfulness support educators and administrators in cultivating the necessary and often overlooked social and emotional skills that make learning more interesting, engaging
and fun.

Course Description:

This interactive workshop gives participants the opportunity to explore a foundational practice in SEL, mindful meditation, body-mind awareness and

self-reflection. Participants learn to identify and positively express their feelings and needs (SEL) while supporting the practice of self-care throughout the work-day. The CASEL competencies (Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills,
Responsible Decision Making) are geared toward directly supporting educators, administrators, and support staff within the context of practicing self-care and will be explored and discussed in a safe learning environment.

The workshop is designed to support the participants in intentionally developing increased body-mind awareness, self-reflective skills, and a basic understanding of compassionate communication to assist the participants in cultivating a deeper sense of self, and what motivates their desire for learning, growing, and relating more deeply with themselves and others.

Course Content:
1. Self-Management: Impulse Control (successfully handling triggers), Stress Management & Relaxation Response, Self-discipline, Self-Motivation, Goal- Setting, Organizational Skills as they relate to the practice of self-care.

2. Social awareness (the practice of deep listening, and understanding needs of others)

3. Relationship Skills (exploring the relationship that authenticity, compassion, empathy play in teaching and leading)

4. Responsible Decision Making (Committing to the mindful practice of responsible of self-care).

5. Conscious Creativity & Lifelong Learning Format: Participants share their experiences through journaling, Q & A and anecdotal role play exercises demonstrating attitudes and personal understanding of the role compassion and empathy play in learning following exercises in SEL.

Immediate takeaways include: mindful breathing, identifying stress in the body through body scans, creating a mindful practice throughout the workday, engaging in deep listening skills, positive communication and identifying feelings and needs. Participants will receive a series of handouts, related readings, CASEL approved SEL programs and
simple non-violent communication techniques, as listed in each part of the course.