Teacher Education Programs: The Self-Aware Educator

Syllabus: A ( 30 hour course ) can be taught as a hybrid, weekend intensive- full course

This practicum gives in-service teachers the opportunity to practice and develop skills in mindfulness, holistic integrative teaching (across curriculum), social and emotional intelligence, and self-care using a variety of mediums. The curriculum draws from art-based-heuristic (self-reflective) research practices, quantitative studies in MBSR and qualitative studies in positive psychology and social and emotional learning, and indigenous wisdom teachings supporting mindful practices and body-mind awareness.

Participants will compare a variety of practices including social and emotional learning, positive psychology, body-mind awareness, intuitive skills, and the practice of compassionate communication and  conscious creativity. As teacher-interns, students will practice the role of facilitator; converting traditional curriculum to seminar/ student- directed courses. Students will explore the important role of multiple intelligence, while introducing play, the arts, and literacy to promote social and emotional intelligence in their lessons.

Unit One: Multiple Intelligence, Mindfulness, Body Mind-Awareness, and Self- Care.

Unit Two: Developing Self Reflective Skills, Trust in Self and Your Students

Unit Three: Creating Peaceful Classrooms: Social and Emotional Learning and Non-Violent Communication

Unit Four: Non-Traditional Teaching Models Teacher Leader/ Teacher Facilitator

Unit Five: Art-Based Research, Conscious Creativity and Personal Transformation

Unit Six: Integrative/ Self Directed Learning

Unit Seven: Diversity & Cultural Sensitivity

Unit Eight-Ten: Self-Directed Interdisciplinary Curriculum Projects