Angela Benedetto

Creating learning environments that support easy
paths to creative action, learning, and growth


Inspiring Lifelong Learning through Conscious Creativity

I retired from my teaching career in Schenectady, NY in 2013, and have been spending time in Los Angeles since then. 

L.A. has given me an opportunity to explore my creative side through film production, writing, singing and exploring my beautiful crystal singing bowls.

In 2014, I self-published the book and TBAE award-winning film,  Dreaming New Schools (to my pleasant surprise). Recently, I’ve  been developing workshops and resource material for educators, focusing on mindful practices in self-care and conscious creativity.

My professional experiences include:

Teaching, tutoring, coaching and mentoring k-12 students, and adult learners in traditional and workshop settings.

I celebrate using hands-on, heart-based, practices as a facilitator, and being open to the mystery and wonder of life. I love exploring the harmonics of soundscapes, and the relationship between sound, silence, healing, and the body’s wisdom. 

I feel honored to have studied several forms of energy healing supporting mind-body awareness, including Reiki 1 & 2, Light Work, and Light Body.

As a student of Spirit, I’m dedicated to the practice of living a more fully awakened, compassionately present and integrated life.

Angela Benedetto

Ph.D Transformative Learning & Multicultural Sound Healing

Dreaming New Schools

My first published book, “Dreaming New Schools”, was written with the intention to support the transformation of our educational system; through self-discovery and self-mastery.

With the right intention I truly believe that we can evolve the role and design of education, raise awareness in the classroom, and support the adults who dedicate their service to our youth.

You can watch the Indy Doc, Dreaming New Schools on you tube here!

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